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Contact me via WhatsApp or e-mail and let me know what it is you would like to get tattooed, where on the body and roughly the size. Ideally add an example or two of my work to give an idea of the exact style you fancy.

Sometimes we can discuss all of it by text, other times I will ask you to come by for a consultation.

step 2

Once there is a plan and a deposit has been received, a tattoo date can be confirmed and I will start designing. In case of a bigger tattoo, closer to the date you will be send the design and given the chance to discuss details that you would like differently. In the rare case that it is required to start the design process all over, another deposit might be requested.

  Why a deposit?

Designing a tattoo takes time. Planning in a tattoo also takes time. Keeping a spot reserved, is time that will be reserved for you and therefore nobody else.

If a tattoo gets cancelled within fourteen days before the tattoo appointment, the deposit will not be refunded and used as a compensation for the time the tattooer has already put towards the tattoo & the time reserved. The deposit will however be refunded if the cancellation takes place more than two weeks before the appointment.

If the appointment goes ahead, the deposit is an advance on the total tattoo price. Meaning it is not an extra cost, but a part that has already been paid. Handeling over a deposit means you agree with the fourteen days-cancellation policy

The deposit can be paid either in cash at the studio or via PayPal. To do the latter, use the following e-mail address:


Thank you.

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